A glimpse into global challenges through global experts

By Suzanne Spooner

The world we live in is bringing a picture of global dilemmas when we try to discern between challenges, risks and opportunities. 

Public Spaces in African cities

By Rashiq Fataar

African public spaces are complex, especially so against the backdrop of fast urbanising cities and increasing socio-economic volatility. Future Cape Town sought to delve deeper into some of these complexities through a series of events and discussions called "The Future of Public Space" in 2016.

Involving youth in politics

By Rebecca Smith

Should youth participate in policy-making? If yes, how can they be involved? Education has proven to be a powerful means to involve youth in the political process.  

Eyes on the street

By Cristina Garrido

It’s the 100th anniversary of Jane Jacob’s birth, and the challenges of her generation are still the ones we are facing today.

What Makes A Thriving And Interesting City? Something Called Collision Density

By Boyd Cohen

It appears that more innovation and entrepreneurship is happening in the dynamic, diverse urban areas as opposed to suburban tech parks.

Smart Cities 2.0: Cities of & for the people!!!

By Esteve Almirall

We are witnessing a transition point, a moment of change in the understanding of what a Smart City is.
Until very recently the predominant vision of a Smart Cities was defined around the use of centralized technology to aggregate information and manage cities more efficiently. The epitome of this perspective materialized with the command and control center. A centralized heart and brain for cities that allow them to presumably manage almost everything more efficiently.

An urbanizing world and one size fits all solutions

By Manu Fernández

The smart city as urban proposal seeks to provide a framework to explain and sort out the digital presence in the city that is becoming normal in the urban realm.


Amador Ferrer

Architect and Professor at Universitat Ramón Llull

Aníbal Gaviria

Alcalde de la ciudad de Medellín (2012-15)

Bahaaeddin Alhaddad

Space Business Development and Urban Remote Sensing at Starlab Ltd

Beth Simone Noveck

Founder and Director. Governance Lab

Bharati Chaturvedi

Founder and Director. Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group

Boyd Cohen

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Carlos Vayas

Metropolitan Director. Municipality of Quito

Cecile Faraud

Circular Economy Lead. Peterborough City Council

Cristina Garrido

Urban Innovation Consultant, anteverti

Dan Lewis

Chief Urban Risk Reduction, UN Habitat Chief of the Urban Risk Reduction Unit

Darko Radovic

Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Keio University

Edward Glaeser

Professor of Economics, Harvard University. Urban Economist.

Ellis J. Juan

Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative General Coordinator. Inter-American Development Bank

Esteve Almirall

Assoc. Professor. ESADE Business Law School

Gabriela Gómez-Mont

Chief Creativity Officer at Laboratorio para la Ciudad. México City

Gaetan Siew

CEO Global Creative Leadership Initiative

Inazio Martínez de Arano

Head of Office in European Forest Institute Mediterranean Regional Office

Juliana Rotich

Executive Director. Ushahidi

Kumaresh Chandra Mishra

Deputy Secretary General Habitat III Conference. United Nations

Manu Fernández

Founder. Human Scale City

Markku Markkula

President of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR). European Union

Pankaj Ghemawat

Global Professor of Management and Strategy. IESE

Parvati Nair

Director of the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility

Rashiq Fataar

Urbanist and Director of Our Future Cities

Rebecca Smith

Active Alumni at the European Youth Parliament. anteverti Consultant

Ricard Garriga

Co-founder Menorca Millenials

Shannon Lawrence

Director Global Initiatives. C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Stephen Goldsmith

Professor. Harvard Kennedy School

Suzanne Spooner

anteverti consultant