Amador Ferrer: «One challenge for urbanists is demographic growth»

By  | 2017

Amador Ferrer shares his vision on the challenges that urbanism is facing right now. In this context, he mentions the eco-city Zenata: this city yet to be built is an interesting example of implementing a new pattern in growing population in Morroco, focusing on sustainability and trying to dialogue with a larger territory. Ferrrer also mentions other city models in terms of urbanism.

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Amador Ferrer is an architect and holds a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. He has served as a Director of Building with the City of Barcelona (1988-1992), Director of Urbanism with the City of Badalona (2000-2003), and Coordinator of Urbanism with the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (2004-2008). He is Senior Fellow and member of the Board, International Urban Fellows Association (IUFA) since 2009. He has published Els polígons de Barcelona (Barcelona, 1996); Transformig Barcelona (Routledge, London and New York, 2004), and Barcelone: Portrait de ville (Paris, 2013). Since 2004, he has been working in different urban projects and as a professor at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

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