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In addition to featuring interviews with urban experts from around the world, at CitiesToBe we also share the knowledge of the multidisciplinary team of consultants that makes up Anteverti, the consultancy behind this urban knowledge platform.

Discover the knowledge generated by the Anteverti team through our thematic series and analysis articles.

Focused on different areas of urban relevance linked to Anteverti team’s expertise — economic development, digital transformation, urban innovation, sustainability, internationalization, governance or the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in cities — , our feature article series and posts have been designed to offer inputs and identify lessons and trends that allow a better understanding of the evolution of cities and their future projection — as well as to facilitate urban decision-making.

Urban analysis & trends articles

by Anteverti team

cities metaverse

Cities moving into the Metaverse: an augmented, but better reality?


— with our Innovation Director Cristina Garrido and our consultant Anna González

Can the Metaverse be useful to improve people’s lives? As its boom continues to raise questions, our experts explore how cities around the world are already tapping into its potential today.

What will 2023 bring for cities? Our 10 predictions

— with our consultants Mons Badia, Mireia Tudurí and Valeria Andrade

Take a look at Anteverti team’s prediction on the topics that will shape the conversation on cities in 2023.

A new generation of Urban Agendas: 3 keys to make them a vector of global transformation

How can the New Urban Agendas help to overcome siloed urban management and adapt it to today’s digital reality? According to our experience developing Catalonia’s new urban agenda, we highlight 3 keys.

Technology and innovation in post-pandemic cities: How will priorities change?

— with our CEO Pilar Conesa

Our CEO is part of a conversation with six leading global urban experts on how Covid-19 will affect technology and innovation as drivers of future city planning and management.

Urban Innovation Cities To Be

Urban innovation matters: 10 articles to highlight why

— by Anteverti team

How to build smarter, more inclusive and sustainable cities? Urban innovation is crucial – and here are some reasons why.

Why Smart City projects need contextualization

— by Manu Fernández, Senior Consultant at Anteverti

The complexity of the transition to a world (progressively) ubiquitous and (mostly) urban requires giving meaning and coherence to explain this reality.

Smart City
Cities Leading Fight Against Climate Change

Cities leading the fight against climate change

— by Mons Badia, Consultant & Expert in Eco-Innovation at Anteverti

Cities hold the key to tackling climate change — they are responsible for 80% of global emissions. How can they do it?

Jane Jacobs: Eyes on the street

— by Cristina Garrido, Director of Innovation & Strategy at Anteverti

On the 100th anniversary of Jane Jacobs, her new perspective to urbanism is remembered.

Series and articles

by Anteverti team

At Anteverti we are turning 10 in 2021! And we want to celebrate it by collecting the thoughts on the urban world from global leading experts we have collaborated with over these years—through a 10-item questionnaire | DECEMBER 2021

A summary of the urban learnings that Anteverti has drawn from the first pandemic year—under five thematic areas that cover a holistic vision of cities’ needs and horizons. | MARCH 2021

Covid-19 & Future of Cities

Amid the rise of the pandemic in early 2020, at Anteverti we paused to forecast the impact of Covid-19 in the near urban future, identifying a set of rapid action priorities for cities, governments & businesses | MAY 2020

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