Catherine DIgnazio

Pilar Conesa is a Smart City pioneer and the founder and CEO of anteverti. She is also the curator of the Smart City Expo World Congress, as well as the Smart City Expo events held abroad. With more than 25 years of experience in high management positions in ICT companies and public organizations, she served as CIO for the Barcelona City Council and as General Director of Public Sector and Health at T-Sytems. She is the Vice President of the Catalan ITC Association Advisory Board and a member of the Advisory Board of Digital Future Society. She is a regular keynote speaker at numerous global conferences and has been selected as jury member for several international awards, such as World Smart City Awards, Reinventer Paris or Le Monde-Cities. Pilar is the first woman to be awarded the honorary prize of La Nit de les Telecomunicacions i la Informàtica of Catalonia.

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Professor of Urban Science and Planning at Massachussets Institute of Technology

Technology and innovation in post-pandemic cities: How will priorities change? | A conversation with global experts (II)


CEO of anteverti & Curator of the Smart City Expo World Congress

What are the urban challenges prompted by Covid-19 where technology and innovation can make a difference – and how? Global experts talk.

How will Covid-19 change the way cities work? | A conversation with global experts (I)


Professor at the Sorbonne University & Mayor of Paris’ Special Representative for Smart Cities

Carlos Moreno, Catherine D'Ignazio, Elkin Velásquez, Emilia Sáiz and Laura Faye Tenembaum share their views on the future of cities after Covid-19.