Autor: Sergio García i Rodríguez

Sergio García i Rodríguez is a strategic and digital communication specialist and a sustainable development and international cooperation expert. He has worked in the field of multilateral international cooperation (United Nations Development Programme in Chile) and within the Spanish media environment (Agencia Efe) before joining anteverti's team as Communication Coordinator, where he co-directs the blog Sergio holds a MA in International Studies and International Organizations and Cooperation (Universitat de Barcelona) and a BA in Translation and Interpreting (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). He has written several publications on sustainable development and communication and manages a blog on singular places called


Communications Coordinator at anteverti & CitiesToBe Co-Director

Feminist urbanism, creativity for sustainability, radical inclusion and growing inequalities: we list this year's most popular topics according to the visitors of this blog, as 2019 comes to an end and we welcome a new decade.