Finding inspiration in urban complexity: 1st edition of the CitiesToBe Photo Award launched!

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Urbanization is a global phenomenon. Throughout the 20th century, cities have acquired a fundamental role in contemporary global reality. Urban areas are the place where cultural diversity, creativity, innovation, networking or inspiration happen, but they are also home to some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century – environmental, social and economic sustainability, inequality, infrastructure obsolescence or migrations.

Cities are, therefore, complex ecosystems that concentrate multiplicity of layers. Their compounded nature and their powerful aesthetics make so many of us passionate about them.

This is what moves us at CitiesToBe, and that is why we have decided to launch a contest for images that portrait cities and any aspect from the complex ecosystems they entail: the 1st edition of the CitiesToBe Photo Award.


An urban photography contest to encourage emerging artistic talent


At CitiesToBe we are absolutely convinced that art and culture are a fundamental driving force to transform cities that must be promoted and encouraged. This is why the theme of this 1st edition of the CitiesToBe Photo Award is focused on cities and urban life, in any of their complex forms and aspects.


How to participate?


You will find all the information about the CitiesToBe Photo Award in this specific section within the blog CitiesToBe, but here are the main details of the contest:

Any individual over the age of 18 may participate in the CitiesToBe Photo Award, regardless of their geographical location or nationality.

Each participant may present one only photographic image.

The photographic images can be conventional photographic work or artistic work that uses photography as a medium. There will be no restrictions on techniques or procedures.

Entries for the CitiesToBe Photo Award can be submitted from 17th DECEMBER 2019 until 16th FEBRUARY 2020 (midnight CET).

The Final Decision will be announced on 4th MARCH 2020

All photographic images must be submitted through the form available here.


About the prizes


A first acquisitive prize of 1,500 euros will be awarded to the winning image, which, together with the 10 finalists, will be part of a commemorative ebook that will be released once the contest is resolved on March 4. The ebook will be digitally –and freely– disseminated to highlight and promote the work of the rewarded authors.


We encourage you to share this initiative and participate in it!


About the authors

Head of Communications & CitiesToBe Executive Editor at Anteverti | + posts

Sergio García i Rodríguez is a strategic and digital communication specialist and a sustainable development and international cooperation expert.

He has worked in the field of multilateral international cooperation (United Nations Development Programme in Chile) and within the Spanish media environment (Agencia Efe) before joining Anteverti's team as Communication Coordinator, where he also is the Executive Editor of the blog

Sergio holds a MA in International Studies and International Organizations and Cooperation (Universitat de Barcelona) and a BA in Translation and Interpreting (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). He has written several publications on sustainable development and communication and manages a blog on singular places and called

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