Darko Radovic: «The city is a special projection of society on the ground»

By  | 2017

Darko Radovic refers to Henri Lefebvre when he explains what shapes the urban. For him, society shapes the urban, as well as social practices and the ground.  A city like Tokyo, despite its vast size, still celebrates the smallness. The beauty of a city unfolds when one is able to live the way the majority live, and you can start talking about walkable distances or bicycle distances.  Darko, as an architect and urban designer, lives and observes Japan and its numberless daily urbanities with a unique outlook. The ways people behave are different due to the peculiarities associated with culture. Therefore, these peculiarities are reflected in the city.

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Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Keio University | + posts

Darko Radović is Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Keio University, a founding co-Director of IKI - International Keio Institute for Architecture and Urbanism, and Visiting Professor at the United Nations University, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability, Tokyo. In 2017, he is a Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Milano. Darko has taught, researched and practiced architecture and urbanism in Europe, Australia and Asia.

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