Exploring innovation strategies: deceleration and talent attraction

By  | 2017

Ricard Garriga explains two key strategies to tackle innovation: deceleration and an accurate talent attraction. He refers to the concept “deceleration”, the main motto of his project Menorca Millennials, as the right to decelerate: to stop and think about one’s project to give a new scope to it. Talent attraction is crucial to generate innovation in a city. He argues that there is a healthy fight between cities when creating initiatives to attract talent and only those who understand an enterpreneur’s mind will success in it.


Co-founder of Menorca Millennials and Torret Road Capital. Previous was the head of start-up strategy at YouNoodle, a start-up company based in a garage office in SOMA, San Francisco with a subsidiary in Barcelona and Santiago de Chile. He holds a Telecommunications engineering degree, MBA at La Salle and Executive Education at Haas School of Business – UC Berkeley.