Hila Oren: «A city is a living organism»

By  | 2018

To Hila Oren, a city is a living organism that must be comfortable for its residents. That is why we should look at cities 20 years from now. With this perspective, she argues that nothing should be taken for granted as cities will change in a way people cannot imagine today. According to Hila, it is essential to have an open mind towards change, and be aware that citizens are city makers. However, cities still have challenges which need to be tackled. And communication and public-private partnerships can be the way to find effective results.

Residents inspire the city they live in. How can then a city improve this inspiration? Looking and listening to its own people. This is why the city of Tel Aviv has focused on listening to its residents in order to be a successfully smart city.

About the authors

Hila Oren

Hila Oren is an entrepreneur and innovator. Director General of the Tel Aviv Foundation. Hila aims to identify and support public-private partnerships aligned with the vision of the Mayor and the Municipality. Before, Hila founded and was the CEO of Tel Aviv Global, a private company affiliated with the Tel Aviv Municipality dedicated to elevating the city’s global positioning. She also served as the Director General for the Tel Aviv Centennial Administration and the Director of Tourism Operations for the Society of the Protection of Nature in Israel. 

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