The CitiesToBe Photo Award 2020-Edition’s book is a visual tour through 44 images — and 19 countries — among the 533 that were submitted to the call of the first edition of the CitiesToBe Photo Award.

Together, they constitute a global portrait of cities in our contemporary world; a compendium of images featuring testimonies of coexisting — but sometimes conflicting — urban scenes that are connected by a common thread of challenges with diverse local settings.

With images by

Roman Demyanenko · Sandipani Chattopadhyay · Liz Hingley · Camilo José Peña Pérez · Tanveer Hassan Rohan · Suvro Paul · Antonio Emanuele Alterio · Kevin Krautgartner · Olesia Kim · Ralph Gräf · Olya Pegova · Alexandr Bormotin · Dana Taylor · Edo Zollo · Sujit Saha · Ihar Hancharuk · Ben Parker · Marlon Villaverde · Natalia Oreshina · Shridarshan Shukla · Cetywa Powell · Ana Nance · Farnaz Damnabi · Manuel Álvarez Diestro · Reza Rohani · Alessandro Zanoni · Adrián Markis · Debarshi Mukherjee · Mariano Sayno · Muhammad Amdad Hossain · Azim Khan Ronnie · Guillermo Astiaso Llamazares · Mouneb Taim Taim · Giovanna Wilson Morello · Juan Manuel · Gómez Sandoval · Pablo Izaguerri · Diego López Calvín · Ben Etienne · Sanghamitra Sarkar · Mpumelelo Buthelezi · Inés García Ruiz · Elizabeth Vinck Monroy · Jordi Jon Pardo Acebedo · Jorge López Muñoz

📸📘 The Edition's Book of the #CitiesToBe Photo Award 2020 is a visual tour through 44 images that constitute a global portrait of cities in our contemporary world | Edited by @Anteverti Clic para tuitear

A book coordinated by Cristina Garrido & Sergio García i Rodríguez · Designed by Eva Blanes.
Texts related to the photographs by the authors of each work.
Edited by ©Anteverti Consulting, SL. · 2021
ISBN: 978-84-09-31414-0 · DL: B 11484-2021

The intellectual rights and the rights of exploitation (exhibition, reproduction, communication, publication and public distribution) of the images featured in this publications are held by the authors of the photographs, without geographical or temporal limits.

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