Sladjana Mijatovic: “Cities are a great opportunity to change systems”

By  | 2018

Sladjana Mijatovic describes cities as the place where different systems meet. As cities are characterized by inclusiveness and creativity, one of the main challenges of the world, according to her, is the global trend of urbanization. By 2050 it is expected that 80% of the people will be living in cities. This is already reflected in Amsterdam, with 900,000 inhabitants and growing by 11,000 a year. It is necessary to come up with solutions to maintain livable and inclusive cities.

In this sense, cities are a great opportunity to change systems such as the linear economy. Mitjatovic explains that Amsterdam has 180 nationalities, implying different ideas and creativity. If citizens are involved, they can bring different solutions. For example, the startup RecyQ has a project involving citizens to separate waste in exchange of coins containing discounts. With these incentives, they become part of the circular economy.

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Sladjana Mijatovic is the Program Manager of Circular Economy & Innovation at the City of Amsterdam. She has wide experience in working in the public policy industry. Mijatovic holds a Master of Architecture focused in Urban Design and Spatial Planning from Delf University of Technology and she is skilled in Urbanism, Sustainability, City Marketing, Government and Urban Redevelopment.
In 2013 she was seconded at the Department of Economics & Amsterdam Marketing, where she rolled out a development strategy for a suitable investment climate for foreign companies to settle in Amsterdam. Since 2014 she is working for the Chief Technology Office of the municipality as the Circular Economy & Innovation Officer.

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