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City Digital Twins: the future of urban management


Consulting Director at Anteverti

At a time when tech maturity is breaking barriers, City Digital Twins are proving to be a real game-changer for simulating and testing new policy scenarios for cities.

Cities shaping AI (and vice-versa): where are we?


Deputy Director General of Anteverti & Expert in Urban Innovation and Public Policies

In our increasingly urbanized world, the rise of AI and algorithms will lead to more automation. Let's delve into how cities and governments are defining their roles through a collaborative and transparent approach to safeguard public interest and individual rights.

Urban innovation matters: 10 articles and resources to highlight why


Head of Communications at Anteverti & CitiesToBe Executive Editor

The importance of data, research and experiment; thinking outside of the box; a human-centered digitalization approach; putting people at the core: these are some of the keys to foster smarter cities, according to our team's expertise.