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CitiesToBe Photo Award: a photography contest for images that portrait cities and their complexity


The CitiesToBe Statement

Urbanization is a global phenomenon. Throughout the 20th century and especially in the last six decades, the world’s population has been progressively concentrated in urban centres. According to United Nations forecasts, in 40 years the world urban population will double, from 3,400 million in 2009 to 6,400 in 2050. This phenomenon takes even more importance in developing countries. Especially in Latin America, where there are large migrations from rural to urban areas and it is expected that, in the same year, almost 80% of the population of the continent will live in cities. In short, cities have acquired a fundamental role in contemporary global reality and concentrate a huge social, political and economic burden.

Urbanization is a phenomenon of great importance and it generates benefits of many types – cultural diversity, creativity, innovation, networking, new business opportunities, inspiration, collaboration. However, it also brings along some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. In a context of globalization, current cities face major challenges at all levels – environmental, social and economic sustainability, energy efficiency, climate change, cultural conflicts, migrations, differences, inequality, infrastructure obsolescence or occupation and wealth. Cities are, therefore, complex ecosystems that concentrate multiplicity of layers. Their compounded nature and their powerful aesthetics make so many of us passionate about them.

This is what moves us at CitiesToBe, and that is why we have decided to launch the 1st edition of the CitiesToBe Photo Award: a contest for images that portrait cities and any aspect from the complex ecosystems they entail.


How to participate?


·  The CitiesToBe Photo Award is a contest of images that show or reflect on cities and urban life, in any of their complex forms and aspects. The jury will assess all submitted photographs according to the ‘CitiesToBe Statement’.

· Any individual over the age of 18 may participate in the CitiesToBe Photo Award, regardless of their geographical location or nationality, by submitting their photograph through this form.

· Each participant may present one only photographic image. Participants must hold the rights of the image they submit.

· The photographic images can be conventional photographic work or artistic work that uses photography as a medium. There will be no restrictions on techniques or procedures.

· The photographs must be submitted via this form, in JPG format (preferably with Adobe RGB 1998 colour profile), measuring up to 2000 pixels on the longest side and with a maximum size of 5 MB, without the addition of frames, borders or photo captions.

· Check out the full Guidelines & Legal Bases of the CitiesToBe Photo Award here.





· One first acquisitive prize for the amount of 1,500 euros to the winning photograph

· 10 honorary mentions to the finalist images of the CitiesToBe Photo Award

· The winning image and the 10 honorary mentions will be featured in the CitiesToBe Photo Award 2019 ebook, to be digitally –and freely– disseminated to highlight and promote the work of the rewarded authors



About the deadline


· Entries for the CitiesToBe Photo Award can be submitted from 17th DECEMBER 2019. The final deadline for submitting entries is midnight (CET) on 16th FEBRUARY 2020.

· The Final Decision will be announced on 4th MARCH 2020



The Jury


The jury of the CitiesToBe Photo Award is composed by:

· Roger Grasas, photographer

· Pilar Conesa · anteverti CEO & founder 

· Ana Alcantud · Consulting Director of anteverti 

· Cristina Garrido · Director of Innovation & Strategic Development of anteverti & Co-Director of

· Sergio García i Rodríguez · Strategic Communication Coordinator of anteveri & Co-Director of

The jury will evaluate both the technical elements of the submitted photographic images and the way in which these document, capture and display the reality of life in cities, as well as the dynamics of urban ecosystems.


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Any questions?


· Please write us at

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