The CitiesToBe Photo Award is a biennial photography contest for images that portray cities and their challenging, yet inspiring complexity

Organized by Barcelona-based consulting company Anteverti, the CitiesToBe Photo Award is a biennial international urban photography contest for images that portray cities and their challenging, yet inspiring complexity.

Created in 2019, the contest is born from Anteverti’s strong commitment to artistic creation, which we consider a key driver of contemporary urban societies. With this initiative, we intend to support photographic creators who use the city as their main theme, and reward and disseminate works that inspire new reflections on the challenges facing the urban world today.

The 1st Edition of the CitiesTobe Photo Award was launched in December 2019 with an open call, which received 533 images from more than 60 countries in all continents. ‘Vorkuta’, by Russian photographer Roman Demyanenko, was awarded with the first prize and the image became part of Anteverti’s Urban Photography Private Collection.

The 2nd Edition of the CitiesToBe Photo Award closed its call for entries on February 12th, 2023, after having received 1,189 images from 94 countries. A shortlist with the finalist images will be revealed on March 17th, 2023.


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Vorkuta by Roman Demyanenko

‘Vorkuta’, by Roman Demyanenko. Winner of the CitiesToBe Photo Award 2020. | + Read more