Cities leading the fight against climate change


anteverti Consultant

Cities hold the key to tackling climate change given that they are responsible for 80% of global emissions.

Our cities in 2017: the technologies that matter


Author and consultant

A review of what’s moving, to better understand where to act.

Emilia Saiz: "Cooperation should be at the core of cities”


Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)

A glimpse into global challenges through global experts


Consultant and Urban Expert

The world we live in is bringing a picture of global challenges when we try to discern between risks and opportunities. 

Public Spaces in African cities


Urbanist and Director of Our Future Cities

African public spaces are complex, especially so against the backdrop of fast urbanising cities and increasing socio-economic volatility.

Youth engagement in politics


Head of Knowledge & Policy, Climate Infrastructure Partnership

Youth engagement in politics encourages youth to become actors rather than subjects.

Maya Wiley: "We see the challenges of a society in cities"


Civil rights activist and board chair of the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board

Linda Weiss: “Global issues need to start from a city level”


Professor of political science at the University of Sydney

Jane Jacobs, Eyes on the street


Director of Innovation and Strategic Development in anteverti

On the 100th anniversary of Jane Jacobs, her new perspective to urbanism is remembered.

What Makes A Thriving And Interesting City? Something Called Collision Density


Professor of Entrepreneurship

Boyd Cohen states that the growth of collision density results in urban entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Raquel Rolnik: "We need the right to the city more than ever"


Prof. at the School of Architecture and Urbanism at University of São Paulo

Gabriella Gómez-Mont: "Cities are the best vehicle for ideas to travel"


Chief Creativity Officer at Laboratorio para la Ciudad. México City

Smart City 2.0: Cities of and for the people


Assoc. Professor. ESADE Business Law School

We are witnessing a transition point, a moment of change in the understanding of what a Smart City is.

Parvati Nair: "Urbanisation wouldn't happen without migration"


Director of the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility

Manu Fernández: "Smart city projects need contextualization"


Founder of Human Scale City & Senior Consultant in anteverti

To Manu Fernández the smart city as urban proposal seeks to provide a framework to explain and sort out the digital presence in the city that is becoming normal in the urban realm.

Ellis J. Juan: "Technology will help us tackle citizen participation "


Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative General Coordinator at Inter-American Development Bank