Jeff Merritt: “Data-driven cities bring benefits and vulnerabilities”

By  | 2018

To Jeff Merritt, the IoT is the solution to the densification problems of cities, being congestion and mobility one of the main issues. However, a data-driven city also implies going one step forward in terms of security, individual privacy and equity. In this interview, it is visible how the use of technology can transform and make cities livable and efficient. Highlighting the case of New York City, Merritt states that a 20% reduction in commuting time has been possible thanks to the implementation of smart buses with GPS locators and being enable to remotely control traffic lights. Consequently, it is a way to foster public transportation and benefit the overall population.

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Jeff Merritt is an expert in the area of smart cities, the IoT, emerging technologies, and government innovation. He is currently Head of IoT and Connected Devices for the World Economic Forum, Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In 2010 he joined the office of New York City Public Advocate, where he led the open government and technology initiatives and national coalitions. And from 2014 to 2017 he was the Director of Innovation for the City of New York, helping to establish the Mayor’s Office of Technology. Both in 2016 and 2017, Jeff’s work was recognized by the Smart City Expo World Congress with the awards Best Smart City and Most Innovative Idea.

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