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25 key contemporary women pioneering the path to design better cities


Anteverti Team

Explore our team-curated selection of 25 remarkable contemporary women who have played pivotal roles in improving cities for all.

Gender Balance in Conferences: Challenging? Yes, but doable too


CEO of Anteverti & Director of CitiesToBe

Why are women still underrepresented at most major world conferences? Anteverti experts explain how it is possible not only to reverse this situation, but also to create a much enriching global conversation on our cities' future.

How can feminist urbanism help build more equal cities? Lessons from Latin America


Advisor for the Women and Inclusive Growth at Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and researcher

Urban spaces still often mirror gender inequality, but feminist urbanism-activism can be a powerful vector to move towards more equal, inclusive and safe cities – as it is happening in Latin America.