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Natalia Olson-Urtecho: "Disruption means deciding outside the box"


Co-Founder and Innovation Officer of The Disruptive Factory and expert in public policies and public engagement

Cities moving into the Metaverse: an augmented, but better reality?


Director of Innovation and Strategic Development in Anteverti, Expert in Urban Sociology & CitiesToBe Director

Can the Metaverse be useful to improve people's lives? As its boom raises questions, our experts explore how cities are already tapping into its potential today.

10 Years, 10 Urban Ideas: Dr. Hila Oren


CEO of The Tel Aviv Foundation

Dr. Hila Oren, CEO of The Tel Aviv Foundation, answers to our 10-item questionnaire about urban innovation and the future of cities.

Lacina Koné: "The Covid-19 pandemic provided African cities with an opportunity to shift the mindset"


Director General of Smart Africa

We talk with Lacina Koné, CEO of Smart Africa, about how technology is helping African cities cope with their demographic boom while facing Covid-19.

A year of hyper-accelerated digital transformation: what our cities and societies have learned


CEO of anteverti & Curator of the Smart City Expo World Congress

What have we learned from the intersection between this pandemic year, life in cities and digital transformation? Our team has identified four areas and trends where the way forward is clearer today than it was a year ago.

Our cities in 2017: the technologies that matter


Author and consultant

A review of what’s moving, to better understand where to act.