Joan Clos: «Good urbanisation requires a collective effort»

By  | 2017

Cities, if planned and managed well, will become the main tool for sustainable development and have the potential to be the solution to many of the challenges our planet is facing today. Coinciding with the first anniversary since the adoption of the New Urban Agenda, the outcome document of the Habitat III conference, we publish an interview to Dr. Joan Clos, former Executive Director of UN-Habitat. In this interview, Dr. Clos refers to the main topics included in the New Urban Agenda that need to be tackled: the new role of central government and the contribution of urbanisation to development and to climate change. Urbanisation lies in the realm of complex topics, but if it’s dealt professionally it can change the destiny of millions of people.

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Dr. Joan Clos is the former Executive Director of UN-Habitat Dr. Joan Clos is the Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), at the level of Under Secretary General by the United Nations General Assembly. He has held this office since October 2010. Born in Barcelona on 29 June 1949, he is a medical doctor with a distinguished career in public service and diplomacy. He was twice elected Mayor of Barcelona, serving two terms from 1997 until 2006.

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